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[26 Jan 2005|04:26pm]

Added a header! Hope you like!
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[22 Jan 2005|09:42pm]

Send in your entries now! Remember, the voting will only begin when a decent number of icons have been submitted. All moderators can submit too!
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[21 Jan 2005|08:34pm]

I have made changes to the rules. Please read this carefully!
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[11 Jan 2005|09:19pm]

eowyn_stillness is looking for affiliates and banner makers!

Please comment if you are interested.

Thank you!

Also, here are some basic things you should know about being a banner maker:

Please read if you would like to be a banner makerCollapse )

To all banner makers out there:

If I already have a banner maker, and you also want to be one too, don't worry, you can still apply!
I will need at least 3 banner makers so that you guys don't get too busy!

~Eve ;)
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Challenge 1 :: White Lady of Rohan [09 Jan 2005|05:40pm]


Our first challenge! White Lady of Rohan. There is no deadline for now, since there are not enough members.

Challenge 1: White Lady of RohanCollapse )

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